Data Storage Solutions

Welcome flexibility into your business’s future workloads.

Building Scalable Data Storage is Key to Staying Competitive

The daily accumulation of data creates a significant storage crunch for small to large businesses. And to add to that: new government regulations require agencies to archive data for extended periods of time, in addition to the continuing creation of new, rich media content.

As a result, many IT departments have no choice but to constantly increase their data storage capacity and end up with complex, heterogeneous storage environments that are costly and inefficient.

NETgressive has 20+ years of experience constructing storage environments that not only reduce data overload but improve productivity, manageability, and cost-savings.

Our expertise enables us to define, deploy, and support the most effective data storage solutions for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Data Storage Include?
Data Storage includes security, monitoring, storage, cabling, disaster recovery, virtualization, replication, power, cooling, high availability, and more. NETgressive also offers a suite of Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions.
Why is Data Storage Important?

Data is an important asset, and the way it’s stored plays a role in its ease of access, use, and security.

The IT Infrastructure where data is stored needs to evolve with growth of customer data and continue to provide consistent levels of performance, making data storage not only about how and where data is stored but the speed at which it can be accessed – especially when responding in real-time to global business opportunities.

Is Data Storage Safe?

The biggest concern when it comes to data storage security is the privacy of cloud storage. Some data can still be viewed even if it isn’t stolen or published.

There are a handful of controls that can protect a cloud security architecture, most of which fall under deterrent, preventive, detective, and corrective controls.