Infrastructure Design Services

Dynamic solutions for business workflow, storage, and security.

Maximize the Efficiency in Your Organization

Your business operations rely on a strong network, but that doesn’t mean you should be funneling all your time and resources into your network infrastructure. With a stable and flexible network infrastructure, companies are able to meet and adapt to current and future technologies and applications, such as: Virtualization, Storage Area Networks, Voice Over IP, Wireless, Real-time Applications, Security, and Converged Data. Our goal with Infrastructure Design is your ease of management and IT support, whether you’re looking to update your entire infrastructure or just need a supplement to your existing network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT Infrastructure?

For businesses and organizations, IT infrastructure refers to the combined suite of hardware, software, and network resources required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments. It also includes an operating system (OS) and data storage.

Often implemented internally, an IT infrastructure delivers values to employees, stakeholders, and clients through physical colocation, cloud services, or a hybrid of both.

What Does IT Infrastructure Include?
IT Infrastructure includes networking and server systems, and virtualization.
What are the 7 Domains of a Typical IT Infrastructure?
A typical IT Infrastructure consists of seven domains, which include: user domain, workstation domain, LAN domain, LAN-to-WAN domain, remote access domain, WAN domain, and system/application domain. These domains are important for businesses to protect because they can each be seen as access points for attackers to get access to your private data. It only takes one unprotected or failed domain for attackers to get in, making a solidly designed infrastructure vital to an organization’s privacy and security.