Hosting Services

Combine your traditional IT functions across the Internet and other wide area networks (WAN).

Meet the Rapidly Increasing Demands of Business

Flexible and scalable, our managed IT hosting services are built on a robust virtual infrastructure to alleviate businesses of the cost and resource burden that typical in-house IT Departments demand.

From fully managed servers, routers, and firewalls to data storage devices, NETgressive’s hosted solutions offer organizations and businesses the ability to dynamically expand and contract based on your current, seasonal, and future needs.

Our “pay-as-you-grow” models give businesses that are scaling globally the ability to outsource their IT capacity and supplement their in-house teams without depleting their resources. Want to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Server Hosting?
Server hosting eliminates the hassle of purchasing, setting up, and maintaining server hardware. This infrastructure delivery model gives users remote access to server resources such as CPU, memory, disk, and more to store data and power applications.
Do You Need a Server to Run an App?
A certain degree of server space is needed to serve application content to clients and customers if the application you’re developing requires network connectivity. Most mobile apps are Cloud Applications, which require an external server to generate most of the app functionality as well as dynamic content.
What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD)?
A hosted virtual desktop, also referred to as a cloud-hosted virtual desktop, is an user interface that users a cloud provider’s servers to connect to applications and data, versus using a user’s computer or corporate network.